Профессор Хиггинс. Русский язык с компьютером. Шаг 1 (RU, EN, ES, CH, FR, DE)

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Профессор Хиггинс. Русский язык с компьютером. Шаг 1 (RU, EN, ES, CH, FR, DE) – компьютерный курс русского языка для начинающих. Программа снабжена русским, английским, испанским, китайским, французским, немецким и армянским интерфейсами.  

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Артикул вендора SupM_Obr43
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  • Русский язык
Издатели 1С-Паблишинг
  • Русский
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  • 6+ (от 6 лет)
Поставка в электронном виде осуществляется по e-mail в течении 1-2 рабочих дней (максимум) после подтверждения оплаты (при онлайн-оплате срок поставки составляет от 10 минут)
2 280 руб.

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Профессор Хиггинс. Русский язык с компьютером. Шаг 1 (RU, EN, ES, CH, FR, DE) – компьютерный курс русского языка для начинающих.

С помощью компьютерного курса Русский язык с компьютером вы освоите русское произношение, научитесь правильно читать, познакомитесь с азами грамматики, выучите слова и выражения, необходимые для элементарного общения.

Программа снабжена русским, английским, испанским, китайским, французским, немецким и армянским интерфейсами.


Разделы курса:

  • Уроки.
  • Тренажер.
  • Словарь.
  • Справочник.
  • Методика.
Мин. технические требования

Системные требования:

  • Операционная система Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1;
  • Процессор 1ГГц;
  • RAM 512 Мб;
  • Свободное место на диске 675 Мб;
  • Монитор SVGA, 1024х768;
  • Звуковая карта;
  • Микрофон
  • Колонки или наушники.


This License Agreement is the legal agreement between you as end user and the company IstraSoft.

The applied document "Proof of Legal Purchase" is an integral part of the present License Agreement.

The software specified in "Proof of Legal Purchase", thereafter "Software", is a package of the computer programs, databases and documentation, which is subject to and protected by the Russian and International copyright laws.

The word "documentation" is meant printed materials, compact disk or diskettes and files with the information. Documentation is integral part of the Software.

1. The Subject of the Agreement
1.1 A subject of the present License contract is the transfer (thereafter "License") by the legal Owner to the End user of the non-exclusive right on usage of the Software.
1.2. All terms and conditions, listed thereafter, concern to the Software as a whole and to all and every its components.

2. Property rights
2.1 The property rights on the Software exclusively belong to the company IstraSoft, Russia.
2.2. You as the End User is granted the License on usage the Software, with observance of the below conditions.

3. Condition of Usage 3.1 You can use the Software simultaneously only in the quantity of computers equals to number of legally lawfully acquired Software packages that were legally produced.
3.2. If a Software package contains several sets of disks in different formats, you can use only one set that is most convenient for you. Each such set of disks is considered as one copy of the Software.
3.3. Except for cases stipulated in $$ 3.5 and 3.6, you have no right to lend or rend or take the Software at short or long terms, to copy, modify , translate, sublicense or to give for work in a network, and also to send or receive the Software and documentation with use of any electronic means.
3.4. You have not the right to carry out independently or to allow other to carry out the following activity:
3.4.1. To try disassemble, to decompile (to transform object code into the initial text) programs, graphic objects, database and other Software components:
3.4.2. To make any changes in the object code of the programs or databases except described in the documentation.
3.4.3. To violate Russian and International copyright laws by any other means.
3.5. You may make one archive copy of the Software, intended exceptionally for restoration of your copy of the Software in case of its loss or damage. The archive copy cannot be used for any other purpose.
3.6. You may transfer all your rights to use of one your Software package to another person, provided that you transfer to that person the whole package of the Software (including compact disc and documentation). Remember, once you transfer the Software package, you no longer have any rights to use it, and the person to whom you have is is transferred may use it only in accordance with the copyright law, international treaty and this License Agreement.

4. Validity of the License Agreement
4.1 This License Agreement inures from the moment of opening the sealed package and covers all period during that you use the Software
4.2. If you infringe or fail to follow any of the conditions of the License Agreement, you undertake to destroy all copies of the Software (including printed materials, compact disks, files with the information, archive copies of the Software) and the License lost its validity.

5. Responsibility
5.1 Illegal use, distribution and reproduction of the Software is the violation of copyright laws and is punished by law.
5.2. In case of infringement of this License Agreement, the company firm IstraSoft deprives End User of the right on use the Software and completely disclaim any guarantee or service.

6. Limited warranty
6.1. IstraSoft warrants the physical media and physical documentation to be free of defects in materials. IstraSoft also guarantees that the Software is workable at the conditions, stipulated in the documentation, and that the Software components conform to specifications. These guarantees cover the period of 90(ninety) days of the original purchase date.
6.2. The Software is delivered "AS IS". IstraSoft does not guarantee that the Software is free of mistakes and also does not take any responsibility for any direct or indirect consequences or damages of application of the Software, including those damages that may occur from possible mistakes or typing errors in the Software package.

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